Sunset Tanning Supply Ultra Sun

Celebrating the foundation of the company in 1974, Ultrasun International is claiming the well deserved slogan "Pioneers in responsible tanning since 1974", due to the many years of successful development of tanning equipment, guaranteeing responsible tanning sessions to our clients worldwide. We at Ultrasun make you a brand promise, giving our core value - responsibility, true meaning in every aspect of our business and everyday life. Ultrasun continuously puts its efforts in Research & Development and market research. You will see their pride in the products it manufactures and sells. Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun's products have been engineered to ensure quality and reliability with the most updated set of features that Ultrasun's consumers demand. Ultrasun strives to be ahead of its competitors by offering the most up to date designs and features at the most affordable prices. Our rich tradition and expertise in producing the best quality tanning equipment guarantees responsible tanning sessions to all our customers worldwide. The new tanning equipment makes a statement with its unique features, highest quality and stunning stylish design. Unbeatable performance and excellent tanning results. Futuristic and daring ... to suit everyone`s taste!