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Sunset Tanning Supply Sportarredo USA

Sportarredo, founded 1979 in a small industrial town outside of Venice (Gruaro), is recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in high pressure tanning technology. In the beginning, the Company began manufacturing and distributing tanning equipment and particularly focused on the application of the emerging high pressure technology to tanning. It slowly became one of the points of references in the development of this technology. Over the years, Sportarredo increased its technological and production know-how, to become a leader in the European and Italian tanning industry. By the mid eighties, several spin-offs and the increasing volume of business around Sportarredo had created an “industrial district”, specialized in the manufacturing of High Pressure Tanning equipment. In 1996, after expanding its distribution network throughout Europe and Asia, Sportarredo started distributing its products in North America as well. After almost ten years, at the end of 2004, Sportarredo established its American Headquarters in Chicago. The North American subsidiary is now the tangible sign of Sportarredo’s strong, unchallenged commitment to the American Market.