Acrylics Facts

The acrylic is a very important part of a tanning bed and it needs to be cleaned after each customer use. You should also make sure to clean the entire tanning best yourself on routinely basis so you can check everything out and make sure the acrylics are in proper working order and nothing needs to be fixed or repaired.

You should make time periodically, to take the tanning bed acrylics out and clean both of the sides yourself. While the acrylics are out, take the time to wipe down the lamps and the reflectors on the top and the bottom. By cleaning all the dust and other debris from the lamps and reflectors, you are going to be cutting down on the amount of UV light that will be able to bounce around the bed. You will give the acrylics a nice shine that allows all the light penetrate the customers body and make a more beautiful tan.

Acrylics should be replaced when they are broken, especially if the crack is large enough to either pinch a customer, or break completely and further damage your tanning unit. One of the biggest mistakes of salon owners is waiting for their acrylics to break before replacing them. Even if your acrylic appears to be in perfect shape, over a period of time it will begin to block a percentage of the UV light. Most acrylics should be replaced every 1500-3000 hours. The best way to test the UV transmission of your acrylics is to purchase a light meter. Take a reading with acrylic on. Then, take a second reading with the acrylic off. If the readings show a difference of 20% or more, the acrylic need replacing.

You should only permit the use tanning lotions that were designed specially for tanning beds. They are safe for the tanning beds and will not build up on the acrylics of the bed. The use of outside tanning oils can damage the surface of the acrylics. The reason that manufacturers use acrylic in their tanning beds is because of the the fact that it is transparency to UV. Acrylics in tanning beds are one of the best sources to use because of the fact that they are less likely to produce mold on their surfaces. Acrylics are very important when it comes to tanning beds. Be sure to keep them clean and use proper maintenance and your tanning bed should work for many more years.

Measuring a Tanning Bed Acrylic

Find a paper, pen and a flexible tape measure. Write down the manufacturer, style, year and number of bulbs in your bed. Note the style of your acrylic. Curved, 4 Bend, 2 Bend or Contoured. See image left. Remove the acrylic from the tanning bed and stand it on end. Measure width and length to a 16th (ie:37 3/16"). Note any holes, slots, bends or curves. Does the acrylic have facials? How many? And...what color masking is on the facials?

Parts and Electronics

A tanning system is a sophisticated electrical device, and under normal operation conditions and with the passage of time they are subject to wear and tear, deterioration and possible malfunction through use, fatigue, dust, abuse, etc… No matter what brand of equipment, Sunset Tanning Supply has the part for you!

Here is a small example of the different types of parts available:

Ballasts and Electronics Cylinders and Springs Fans and Blowers Lamp Holder Accessories Timers

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