Salon Development Services

Opening any new business can be stressfull. The tanning Industry is a very competitive Industry. We have assisted with opening many tanning salons in North America. Doing things right the first time is essentnal as it could cost you dearly in the end. Even if you don't buy your equipment from us we are here to help you for a free phone consultation.

Many people are unaware of what goes into running a successfully tanning salon. Our customers success if something we take very serious. Sunset Tanning Supply is here to assist with the following comprehensive salon development services:

Site Selection

Location, Location, Location. You have heard it over and over but it's true. Tanning Industry Standard is that 10% of the population tans. Finding a proper location is essential to your success.

Demographic Analysis

Having the proper demographics is fundamental to having a successful tanning salon. We know what proper tanning Industry demographics are.

Lease Negotiations

Opening a tanning salons requires upgraded Electric, AC, construction. There is a strategy to obtaining the proper lease for your new location allow us to help.

Equipment Mix and Salon Packaging

Every salon location has a very unique equipment requirement. Sunset Tanning Supply will assist you to identify your specific equipment and services needs. Your specific equipment mix may vary, however below you will find a good example of an effective equipment mix and salon package:

  • (1) Master Sun 360
  • (1) LP3
  • (2) LP2
  • (1) Vega Lux
  • (4) LP1
  • (1) Versa Spa
  • Sunlync Salon Software
  • Intellitan Timer System
  • Delivery and Setup
  • $15,000 Lotion Package (retail)
Salon Software

Having proper salon software is essential to secure your business and track your business. We have on staff a computer expert who has set up 100's of tanning salons across the country that can fly to your location to assist you with this.

Employee Training Manuals

Having properly trained employees is crucial to your success. Getting proper tanning certification is a must we believe. We can assist you with proper employee manuals. We have on staff a trainer who may fly to your location to assist your staff.

Grand Opening and Ongoing Marketing

When and how to market? These are all questions we may assist you with.

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